La fontaine le loup et le chien

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Mr, Mrs Schrurs  21, rue Maurice Ravel 78490 Montfort l'Amaury France Tel: +33 680 75 71 51email:
                                                             Paris, October 12th

 Dear Mrs Boobbbyer,
Following our conversation today byphone, please find the following registration form and requested reports of our son.
Gösta is an ambitious student with a genuine appetite for knowledge. The fact that he recieved "Felicitations" in everyterm is rare. Just in case you are not aware, all grades over 15 are considered to be of  high standard, and his moyenne of 17,4 last trimester is a most satisfying result. He therefore got the mention"Très bien" in his national Brevet, as you can see.

Gösta has an open mind and takes interest in any subject. His teachers and classmates depend on him to be a leader and have elected himdélégué de classe several times. His humor and down to earthness shine through in every activity. He is appreciated within our family as well as in school and amongst friends for his discreet and diplomaticmanner.

Gösta is a true sportsman. He was the goal keeper for the local football team during eight years, a key member of many team ball sports. He does well in tennis and badminton. Gösta is alsoa passionate horseback rider with his own horse.
New interests include piano and Italian. Gösta listens to music all the time and is happy to have chosen Cinema as extra subject this year. If everthere is spare time... he enjoys visiting art galleries and is curious to learn how to build a contemporary collection.
The French school system is hard work and sometimes rigid. Gösta has always donewell here, but feels a lust to "go deeper", to develop research skills, to discuss and debate, to critically reflect. To feel the joy of learning. Therefore he wishes to join the IB Diploma...