La guerre froide

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Causes of the Cold War – Review

1. Rightly or wrongly – USA decided Stalin’s actions were a threat to world peace.
The Truman doctrine + Marshall Plan were “two halves of the same nut”.“It must be the policy of the USA to support free peoples who are resisting subjugation by armed minorities or outside pressure” – Truman

“the seeds of communism are nurtured by misery and want…” –Marshall


1. Greec e + Turkey – British walked away from responsibility of protecting from communism.
USSR’s response: set up Comminform – political co-ordination of satellitesstates.
2. Czechoslovakia – 1948, last independent state in East Europe! Masaryak (pro-western leader) death by defenestration. USA related 13/14 billion dollars in aid.
USSR’s response: setup Comincon

The German Problem

The occupation

The USSR arrived first
* Set up and authorized 4 political parties.
* Forced German people into slave labor.
* Take reparations inthe form of: livestock, equipment, food, art.

* Important Nazis hunted down, pt on trial. Families had to run.
* Soviet military stripping Germany from goods, refugeesgoing over to the American zone.
* 3 zones begin to co-ordinate! The Bi-zone. 1947 stop de-nazification new currency, 1948 – Deutschmark.
* Full employment in the Bi-zone. Production has goneup to 50%, especially in Berlin deliberate act to show-off.
* Causes Berlin blockade.

Consequences of the Berlin Blockade:

* Made Stalin look even worse
* Western hatred towardsStalin is widespread
* Gave the USA a very good reason to adopt anti-communism NATO (north Atlantic treaty organization) is set up.
* Germany is split.
* August 1949 FDR, October 1949 DDRmarks the beginning of arms race.
* 1951 War against Germany officially ended by USA
* 1952 USSR approaches USA: we will all withdraw from Germany Neutral country. USA refuses....