La jeune veuve

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On November 24, 1960, Ruby Bridges was escorted to school by four federal marshals. They were here for her protection. As (=because) they was an angry crowd outside the school waiting for her. As(=comme) we can see on N. Rockwell’s painting, some people even a tomatoes at her. When she left school at 3 : 00, she discovered journalist everywhere. Indeed (= en effet), this day was a veryimportant day in the history of the U.S.A. : Ruby was the first black girl to go in a white school : William Frantz an integrate school (a school which integrate black people).
Scared | Frightened |effrayé |
Mob | Crowd | La foule |
Shout | Yell | crier |
Hurry | Rush | courrir |
Angry | Upset | En colère |
If | Whether | Si |
Take out of | Drag out of | Sortir de |

The schoolwas only five blocks away the school is near the home
Pourquoi les Marshalls conduisait ruby à l’école ?
The Marshalls drive Ruby to school because they are here to protect her.
Pourquoi lafoule était en colère ?
The mob was angry because they don’t want a black child to go in a white school.
Qu’on fait les parents ? pourquoi ?
The white parents dragged their children out of schoolto boycott the school.
C’est quoi un boycott ?
A boycott is when people refuse to do/buy something to show their disagreement.
Le but des parents ?
The parents wanted the school not tointegrate black kids.
Ruby doesn’t remember feeling frightened, indeed, she’s too young, and she doesn’t understand the situation. Nonetheless (=néanmoins), we can say, she must feel anxious or oppressed.The attitude of the mob towards Ruby is disrespectful, mean and very violent. They want Ruby to feel rejected so that she won’t want to go to school anymore.
The boys bring doll in a coffinbecause they want to scare Ruby : They tell her that, if she goes to school, she will end up dead. This is a death threat targeting not only Ruby but every black who intends to attend a white school.