La machine infernale

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It ‘s a difference in attitude and behaviour between older people and younger people, which may cause them to argue or may prevent them from understanding each other fully.  

Theyoften speak about the generation gap, often his generations do not understand each other, parents and children are seldom on the same wavelength.They have no same vision an past; of the present andfuture.Environment plays a cardinal role in our manners of teaching, it is necessary to hope that education fits to social evolution.

The causes of this gap enter its generations can be:
Thedifference of age: it will exist toujour this age difference between the parents and their children.They think that their parents are only forbidding, preventing, intercepting. The children they when asks tomake activitès, the parents answer toujour not.But I think that it is for their avoid the dangers of the life.Of or the generation gap.
The tradition influences the relation parents - children.Theparents are often under the pressure of the society which refuses the not educated children.I think that the parents try to drive their children according to the requests of the society and notaccording to those of the children.Of more parents and children live in the mêm home. The young persons try to avoid debates which are source of conflicts.
Of my experience, I could say that the parentshave to listen a little more their to child, try to use yes more often, to encourage the child but the children have to express their of seeing, give arguments, think before acting but especially todiscuss in a calm and respectful way.
exemple:A my home, it is me who taught to my parents has use the computer.

This usually takes place when older and younger people face problem while notunderstanding each other due to having difference in opinions, habits, lifestyles and behavior.

Generation gap is the major reason today why parents and children are moving away from each other. As we all...