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Arkkitehtitoimisto Nurmela Raimoranta Tasa Oy, Prof. Jyrki Tasa, architect SAFA
Espoo, Finland
When seen from the street, the house is located behind a rocky hill. As oneapproaches the house, its white free-form wall comes gradually into sight. The main entrance on the second floor is reached along gently sloping stone-paved stairs and a steel bridge. The living roomand the dining room, as well as the library, the kitchen and the master bedroom are located on this floor. The ground floor, which contains the children’s rooms and the garages, is accessed from thecourtyard, beneath the main entrance. The basement contains the sauna, a lounge with fireplace and gym facilities.
The white wall with narrow windows protects the house from curious onlookers anddivides the lot into a semi-public entrance area and a private courtyard garden.The entrance space consists of a three-storey high steel staircase that winds from one floor to the other. There is a largeroof light above the staircase. A two-storey high conservatory next to the kitchen joins the top floors.
The free-form ceiling on the second floor complements the space entity of free forms createdby the white wall. Partition walls are straight-lined.The balcony of the master bedroom faces the morning sun, while the joint balcony of the living room and the library gets the afternoon sun. Thereare also two outdoor terraces.
The steel columns located on the external wall lines as well as the steel beams supported on them form the loadbearing frame of the building. The outwardinclining, curved external wall is made of dimensionally accurate LVL studs as a non-loadbearing structure.
The columns are circular steel profiles (D=140-159 x 6.3-8 mm). The beams in theintermediate floors are welded steel beams with a holorib composite slab cast on top. The top floor is of steel and timber construction.
A special feature of the house is the cantilevered terrace part...