La religion dans les liaisons dangereuses

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The text, In gun culture, is extracted from Arming America: The Origins of has national gun culture. He(it) was written in 2000 by Michael Bellesiles. He(it) presents America as a country where theviolence reigns. Indeed, the weapon has a big importance in the American culture. For the Americans it is a civil freedom. Most part of them possess a weapon. According to FBI 250 million firearms arein traffic(circulation) in United States. However the problem of this culture of the weapon is that she(it) reaches(affects) more and more young children. Indeed, both covers(blankets) of magazinespresent children with weapons. They are two magazines very read by the Americans. The Time magazine shows a child dressed in camouflage and carrying(wearing) a weapon what is shocking. The childrepresents the purity and the ignorance, the weapon in the hands created one contrasts who surprises.

The first presented child is Andrew Golden, as we can read it line 4, it is a "toddler" andnevertheless he already carries(wears) a weapon. His(her,its) photo is in front page of Time magazine. But it is necessary to know that the relatives(parents) one a big share of responsibility in it. Thejustification pronounced by his(her) relatives(parents) is " Santa fills up ". This unfortunate reality revolts the author as the accumulation of questions and exclamations line 20 - 25. Noel represents anevent of peace and serenity and weapons destroy(annul) this magic moment.

The state then has to take measure it is what explains the paragraph 4. We are obliged to place detectors of weapons in theentrance(entry) of schools to avoid that the school is transformed into place of terrorism.

The last paragraph presents the causes of this situation. Quite the forms of media, the video games,films lead(drive) the young people to the violence because that they are of real " killing simulator "
The second paragraph explains the drama which occurred in a school to Jonesboro. 4 children and...