La sagesse et les jeunes

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Can youth and wisdom co-exist ?
As you are getting older every day, you are acquiring different experiences. From those experiences, you are learning something knew everytime. In this way ofthinking, I don’t think that young people can have the wisdom of an adult.

For me wisdom means maturity, knowledge and responsibility. Those three words just don’t fit with youth. Young people arenaive, innocence and free. If I use the text THROUGH THE TUNNEL as a guiding text, I can really use the fact that Jerry was afraid to be on his own. His mother wanted to give him an opportunity to bemore free, I mean with less parental supervision. If he was really like an adult he wouldn’t have been scared of being let to himself, actually he would have enjoying it. Instead, we can clearlysee that Jerry wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being alone. He always look back to the big beach to make sure that is mother was still there. As a child he still need the safety and the peace thathis mother gave to him by her presence.
Also, as he discover the bay alone, he met some older guys. They were diving from a big rock and while he was watching, he wanted more and more to go anddive too. Just like them. So after a while, he decided to go. And he dive, even if he knew it might be dangerous and that he didn’t what was the danger and how he can escape them. But at onemoment, he begins to cry. Is it now a clear sign that he still young and not mature ?

One day, Jerry discover a tunnel. It really impress him. From the moment he made that discovery, his goal was togo through the tunnel. So everyday he begins training hard. He learn to control his breath under the water. This is very dangerous. But at one point, I think that the beauty of the sea was moreimportant to him that his security. Everyday, he had nose bled. But it keep training. A little unconscious. Most wisdom person will not have continue doing it, or even they will not have do it at...