La solitude et la conscience

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Written Expression

To follow up on the requested subject: explain your dream higher education, in France and/or USA use vocabulary and ideas from text and discussions.

Please allow me to sharewith you my ideal high school.

First of all, imagine that you are in an American campus very green and with a lot of small buildings, maximum two floors, very clean inside, freshly painted eachyear with a lot of technology in the classrooms.

It will also have a movie theatre, a huge library, a music room and individuals lockers available for students. With several sports fields such asfootball, basketball, tennis, gym, baseball, volleyball, badminton, horse back riding but especially two Olympics swimming pool (indoor and outdoor).

A couple of restaurants scattered in the parkwith healthy international buffets like Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese food as well as smoothie bars open all day, available at reasonable prices.

Being admitted in to environmentas a privileged student inspires you to do your homework with more intensity, and more energy to stay as part of the talented team in this university as an elite of student society.

What would bethe ideal schedule for college?

Starting at 8 am and finishing at 3 pm with mandatory subjects like maths, French/English, sciences, physics, chemistry, history and geography. Computer science andother subjects such as foreign languages; Arts such as Theatre; acting, painting, photography, etc
In case of need by certain an assistant teacher could help the student in the subjects they need toimprove in.

Then from 3 pm to 5:30pm: this time will be reserved for sports and other activities such as theatre, photos...

At the end of each year, during a ceremony the best students will berecognized and get diplomas for their achievement for their results at school as well as in sports.
The prom night will be a great event for all the students to have fun and relax after a hard year....