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Questions on “The Kite Runner”

Chapter 8
1. Because his father says that if a boy can’t stand up for himself he will become a man who can’t stand up to anything and Amir didn’t help Hassan hence his embarrassment.
2. He gets nightmares about the time Hassan gets raped and can’t sleep.
3. Hassan tries to talk to Amir but Amir pushes Hassan away.
4. Amir asks his father to get new servants.Baba tells Amir he is ashamed of him.
5. Amir wants to test Hassan to see if he will fight for himself but Hassan does not because he is loyal to Amir.
6. Assef attends Amir’s birthday party and is served by Hassan, who he had sodomized which is why Amir feels this way.
7. Rahim Khan tells Amir that he almost married a Hazara woman but his family was against it.
8. Rahim did not marry thewoman. This story shows the significance of the racism in Afghanistan during that time.
Chapter 9
1 Baba gives amir a bicyle and a wristwatch. Ali and Hassan get him a book called Shahnamah. He gets money too. He does not appreciate the gifts from baba because he thinks that if he had not won the Kite tournament he would not have gotten such presents.
2 Amir keeps the book and the bicycle.
3He frames Hassan , expecting him to say the truth and since he would be believed baba would know Amir did it and Amir would be blamed and asked why but Amir also tries to get Hassan to leave because he is a memory of his coward act the day Hassan was raped.
4 Baba begs Ali and Hassan to stay and cries.
5 Because Baba took good care of Ali and Hassan and now they were to be treated even worse bywhoever was going to pay them to be their servants.

Chapter 10
1 They leave unnoticed and slyly, don’t tell their servants because they might tell others.
2 He stands up for a woman when the Soviet soldier asks for 30 minutes with her in exchange for the continuation of their escape.
3 There is no truck to take them to Peshawar but Karim comes up with another way. Karims cousin owns a fueltruck and all the escapees get into the trucks fuel container.
4 Amir meets Kamal and his father. Kamal had helped Assef Rape Hassan. Ironically Kamal was raped in Kabul. As they exit the fuel truck, Kamal isint breathing, His father takes karims gun and kills himself with a bullet to the head.
Chapter 11
1 Amir tries to forget his lack of action the day Hassan was sodomized and Baba triesto forget his lavish luxurious life in Kabul as he is now working in a gas station
2 Amir has chosen to become a writer.
3 Baba works at a gas station and on weekends they go to garage sales and buy peoples old items to sell them at a Flee market.
4 He wants to apprehend her while her father is not there.
5 Baba tells Amir that one action can change the whole way your life will unravel. Amiris reminded of the day Hassan was raped and what would have happened if he did stand up.
Chapter 12
1 Soraya’s mother tells him.
2 She thought her servants how to read and that pushed her to become a teacher.
3 Baba is being auscultated by a doctor and finds out he’s Russian and storms out the room.
4 Soraya ran away from home and lived with a man in Virginia. General Taheri eventually getsher back home and she is informed her mother had a stroke and that the right side of her face is paralyzed.

Chapter 13
1 Baba spends his life savings on Amir’s wedding.
2 Because of her boyfriend.
3 Amir is more emotional than other Afghani men.
4 General taheri wanted Soraya to become a lawyer because it would mean a better life for her and her family.
5 They decide adopt but Generaltaheri doesn’t not allow them.
Chapter 14
1 Rahim tells Amir that theres a way to be good again over the telephone.
Chapter 15
2 He is going to ask him to do something major that would allow him to be redeemed.
Chapter 16
1 He finds them while in Bamiyan.
2 Because he feels like it does not belong to him .
3 Sanaubar shows up in the driveway, slashes to her face and weak. They nurse...