Ladies in paris and misoginy

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I think that this kind of book if regarded as a joke may be without danger and even found funny. However the fact that it détails the places where to find the prettiestgirls in Paris appears suspect to me. Indeed that seems to be a book for hunting where the women are simply sexual preys. It is very degrading for them. To my mind, the author is a sex maniac and hewants to encourage other men to become like he is or to amplify their obsession. This book is a shame. We do not need such vulgar books which is an advert for the Peeping Toms.

It is true that todaythe men are also used for their physics in various media.
A male erotism appeared. There exists today for the men what existed only for the women hitherto: calendars, publicities for lingerie, etc.In my opinion, I think it‘s quite a good thing . Men and women become finally equal in their sexual representations. Even if it’s bad. ;,

Men and women are not yet equal. If most of the work ofreconsideration of the female sex were carried out, the fight must continue bus of the injustices remain. In certain districts, a woman cannot get dressed as she wishes it, frightened to be whistled,insulted even worse.

In the work world also, the road towards the equality is still long. The access of the women to high positions in the companies is insufficient and much are confined to precariousemployment. Moreover, on average, the wages of a woman account for only 80% of that of a man at the same station. Let us add that the possibility of being pregnant for a woman also plays against it onthe labor market. it is intolerable.

feminism as aggressive ideology must cease and take a more committed form in the agreement between the sexes. Many men complain of insufficient breathing spacebetween misogyny and courtesy regarding Women.

However a masculanism would be uncalled-for. Indeed it is necessary to avoid a war of the idiotic and sterile sexes. It is in the mediation, to...