Lady diana ( en anglais )

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Lady Diana was born in England on JULY 1ST 1961 . When she was 6, she went to a boarding school. Shortly afterwards, her parents got divorced. This part of her childhood was not very happy. She wasgood at swimming,piano ,and dance she won the school dancing competition.

She first met PRINCE CHARLES when she was 16 years old. Charles came to her house to visit her sister Sarah. Her sisterwas in love with Charles and they went out together for 6 months. Charles didn't speak very much to Diana because he was more interested in her sister.

In 1980 Diana moved to London and she becameteacher in a kindergarten. She shared a flat with some friends. The romance with Prince Charles started when she went to watch him play polo. After the match, they went to a party and they got on well.The romance between Prince Charles and Lady Diana was in all the newspapers. It was very difficult for Lady Diana . At first she was very shy in front of the cameras. Prince Charles asked her tomarry him and she said yes. They GOT MARRIED on July 29 1981 at St Paul's Cathedral in London.she became the princess of galles ,the royal princess and other titles of nobility .
Diana was one ofthe most famous women of the world, a symbolic face of the fashion, it was the ideal of the feminine beauty.

She had two children: PRINCE WILLIAM
and PRINCE HARRY . Diana was very popular and sheappeared in the newspapers everyday. Unfortunately her marriage was not very happy. Prince Charles had another woman and she didn't get on well with the queen. She had problems with an eating disordercalled bulimia and sometimes she was very depressed.she tried to kill herself repeatedly.

Diana did a lot of work to help and comfort people in unfortunate situations such as people with AIDS andhomeless people.
She understood the suffering of other people because she suffered herself.

Her relationship with Prince Charles got worse and eventually they DIVORCED in 1996.
She continued...