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My mother has always been an ideal for me. She has in my opinion all the qualities a woman should have . She is not only a good mother but also a good wife , daughter in law and sister .She gotmarried at 17 , her way of life really influenced me . She is raising my siblings alone because my dad has to take care of our family shop , and she always does that without ever complaining .At the sametime she is taking care of my grandmother  who is ill . Even though she goes to sleeps at midnight or 1 AM because of my grandma's disease she always wakes up at 5 to do home chores , to help my twoyoungers siblings to get ready for school and to start preparing lunch. To add she works full time at our shop and she has become an essential element  now owing to the fact that my dad can't manage itall alone .Furthermore,she did not only managed to adapt into here 's society but she made herself a great reputation here . She learned French and Malagasy with a great determination ,she reachedher goal within 1 year . And the most surprising is that she can still find time to see her only sister living in the city  and her friends although it is really hard to find time sometime. I reallyadmire how she takes care of all responsibilities she has and also the way she organizes herself by finding time for everything. And in Indian tradition it is really important to take care of home chores, children and old people, my mother always doing that she never had problems with my dad or my grandparents . She always fulfilled an ideal woman role . She really inspires me .Her behaviour whilefacing problem which is always calm and smart or her way of life stressed but in a good way really make her great in my eyes .Every thoughts of my mother are to me rules to follow , I have never tillnow respect someone  that much . In fact ,she is one of the big motivation of my studies , of course I study for me , but doing great studies would be on my behalf a gift of all hardships and...