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Présent simple :
* Régularité →They eat lunch at 2
* Situation Permanente →I work in Esternay
* Une vérité générale →The moon goes round the earth
* Pourdécrire le déroulement d’une histoire→ The story begins and ends in Sézanne, it takes place in 1925….
Présent continu
* Le moment présent : → We are speaking English at thismoment
* La description d’un doc icono (ce que les gens faisaient au moment du dessin / photo…)→In this picture, people are wearing raincoats, and it is raining.
* Le momentapproximatif → today you are wearing a black cardigan
* Action inhabituelle →This week, I am working in London.
* Situation changeante: →The earth temperature is rising/ his parents are getting a divorce
* Avec always ou continually pour se plaindre → I’m always forgetting people’s names

Les verbs d’états.
Thoughts (pensée : believe /know/ mean / realize / recognize / remember/ suppose / understand /
Feel / think = believe . I feel Betty is not well/ I think that your keys are in the garage.
Si feel et thinkne sont pas synonymes de believe, ils peuvent être conjuguer au PC
I’m feeling cold have you got a jumper
What are you doing? I’m thinking about what we’re having for supper.Feelings adore / dislike / dispise/ hate / like /love/ want / wish / prefer/ enjoy
Belongings belong / have (possess) own / possess
Senses: smell / hear / taste / see
Pour direque tu vois une personne en ce moment I ‘m seeing Paul I can see Paul
See peut se conjuguer au PC quand il signifie = meet = rencontrer
After the lesson I am seeing RomainD’autres verbs d’états: contain/ deserve / fit/ seem/ look-like / matter / weigh/
Weigh peut se conjuguer au PC quand il s’agit de l’action.
The shop assistant is weighing some cheese