Le conte en anglais en politiquement correct

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Once upon a time…
He was a brave man who lived in a far away .
He had house who honouring the landscape and a daughter particularly advantaged called Cinderella.
He gave everything he could to hisonly girl.
So after the lost of her mother, to please her, he married a woman of his condition who had two daughters. So with a new mother and two sisters, her daughter had all to beat ease in herlife.

But alas, the kind man lost shortly after. Everything changed for the girl. The not very nice stepmother only loved her two daughters, Anastasie & Javotte, focused on themselves, physicallynot very spoiled by the nature and not really nice.

Her stepmother was pretty bad, gave her the toughest tasks, made her sleep in the attic and constantly not very well treated. The daughters of thewicked woman treated Cinderella even not very kindly.
Cinderella had nothing to do… One day, the king said to his butler : “It is high time that the prince, my son, gets married, we will hold a balltoday !” That evening, while the not very kind stepmother and her daughters were leaving for the ball, Cinderella, slightly sad and a bit desperate, fled into the courtyard and began to shed tears.Suddenly, Cinderella heard a voice. It was her godmother the fairy, who said: "Dry your tears, you'll go to the ball, I promise you, don’t forget that I have a magic power."

And a wand, sheturned a pumpkin into an elegant coach, mices into horses, proud, the dog in a check and small frogs into a footman.
But Cinderella was sad to see her not very well dressed. Another magic wand andappeared beautiful vair slippers. Then the fairy turned the old dress into a wonderful ball gown. When Cinderella was ready, the Fairy gave him a warning ... “Be back here at midnight ringing, becauseafter this hour, everything will be as before”. “Don’t worry, godmother, I'll remember.”
And the carriage went to the castle.

As soon as Cinderella appeared at the King's Palace, the Prince...