Le facteur humain

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Employeur : Bonjour,
How are you ?

Le candidat : good morning (ou good after noon si c’est l’après midi) i’m fine thank you

E : Don ’t panic everything will be ok.

Howwould you describe yourself?

C: First off all I am a very dynamic person. I like spending lot of time into the works undertaked. A success of all my school years is a proof.
The people who workwith me (like my managers) can confirm you that I am always someone of very motivated and active. I am not afraid of doing my best in my work.

E: What do you really want to do in life?

C: Iwould like to begin my career auditor, it is a domain which fascinates me. I like the enterprising mind and to be able to contribute to improve the conditions of work, security to improve theproductivity gain of the company which is for me a real challenge and the main purpose. It is for this reasons that afterward I would like to evolve in this domain to become senior auditor, develop techniquesand innovative methods of audits and why not teach them in the futur.

E : That’s a very good career plan ! Your are ambitious, that’s good !
Why have you choose our company?

C: I investigatedabout your company; the values as well as the vision of the market that you give consolidated me in my decision to apply at this job.
You are an international organization which is present in 56countries on the world. Furthermore your group’s development is based on strong values, in which the organization remained faithful since its creation and these values are daily shared and implemented by allyour co-workers in the exercise of their business.
It is for all this reason I choose your company.

E: What skills do you have that will make your successful in our company?

C: My studiespredestined me for a job such as the control and the audit. I have robust theoretical knowledge on the subject, I have a very good analytical mind and solid knowledge of technicality. During my last...