Le hero tragique

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My name is Isaac Asimov, I am a Russian biochemist and writer, born in America. I would like to present you my latest work, it’s abook called “Robot dreams”. It is about a small, dark-haired young woman called Linda Rash, who has created a robot called “Elvex” withoutconsulting anyone, she did it all on her own because she was afraid she would be stopped, which wasn’t a good idea according to Susan Calvin, anold-lined-face woman who has wisdom and experience. Susan is a doctor who knows how to handle problems, that’s why Linda came to her. The problem was thatthe robot said he had dreamt, which is weird because robots can’t dream. Doctor Calvin explained that Linda had made a posistronic brain patterremarkably like the human brain, but the fact that he knew he had dreamt as still a mystery until Linda explained that she had given him human-stylevocabulary. Te message I am trying to send is that if science and technology keep on improving, in the future people might be able to do all sortsof things like fly, be invincible, and all sorts of crazy things, you might not even e able to tell the difference between a robot and a human sincethe robot would have exactly the same brain as the human and maybe even the same physical appearance. That’s all I can say, I need to keep somesurprises for you to read. I really think you will like my book so I advise everyone to read it.

Amani Ahmad, 2nd A