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Welcome on BBC TV, will talk about an extrodinary event. Yes, will talk about the astronaut Alan B. Shepard. 'Rappelons que' he was the first american in spacethe 5 mai of nineteen sixty one during the flight Mercury-Redstone. He 'pilota' the capsule Freedom 7. After any weeks de Youri Gargarine's flight, Alan Shepardrealised the dream of the Americans. So it was extrodinary ! But, it was so court,the flight during fifteen minutes. The true first american astronaut will beJohn Glenn, the two february of nineteen sixty two. The main scientific objective of project Mercury was to determine man's capabilities in a space environmentand in those environments to which he will be subject upon going into and returning from space. His first sequence when he put his foot in the moon was " The roadwas long, but we are there".
Ten years after his flight in Freedom 7, he was captain in the mission Apollo 14, who land in the lune the five february ofnineteen seventy one at twenty past nine. He realises a extrodinary and 'exceptionnel' event, he played golf on the moon ! Yes, he was the fifth man who walk on themoon and the first who played golf. So he realised his father's promise. His golf ball stay in the moon with other objects. At the end of Apollo's mission AlanShepard began play golf, Houst'ons controlers were very suprise, like every body. Alan B. Shepard, the first man who played golf on the moon, and he 'le restera'.But a lot of people critisized this event because they spend a lot of money for a man, who played on the moon. It was really important to play golf on the moon?