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Martin Parker
November 26th 2009
Introduction to Criminology 310-BEA-03

Theodore Robert Bundy

Throughout our lives and through time we have been exposed to violence and deviant behaviour. Time and time again we hear stories of people doing horrible things to others and either getting away with it or being punished for their actions. Murder is by far the most serious of crimes and serialmurder its worst form. Theodore Robert Bundy is one of the most successful and dangerous serial killers in the United States history. Probably one of he most talked about as well. Theodore’s murders were definitely attributed to rage and jealousy. In the Book Serial Slaughter, by Michael Newton he states: ``before physicians can eradicate a plague, the sources must be recognized and understood``(P.9). The same goes for a serial killer; you must get to their roots. In Theodore Bundy’s case, his plague started taking form at a young age. Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946. As a child Ted did not like his situation; he hated his family’s lifestyle. He was conceived in what he though was the terrible shame of illegitimacy and that he was raised in a lower-middle-class household whosepossessions and style he despised (Leyton, 1986). Growing up he was very close to his grandfather and later was forced leave his grandfathers house to escape the ridicule of being called a bastard child (P. Sears, 1991). Leaving his beloved grandfather was a traumatic experience, from which Ted never quite recovered (Sears, 1991). Being separated from a loved one or person that we look up to isalways a traumatic experience. His Childhood proved to be difficult but at this point he hadn’t given up on himself and you couldn’t at this point in time predict anything for his future or make the assumption that he was a born criminal. When Ted started attending high school, the other teenagers noticed that he was different. Sears states: `` Ted had developed into a fairly intelligent but extremelyshy and withdrawn young man, almost introverted (p.2). He also states :``During gym class, for example, he insisted on showering in privacy`` (Sears, 1991).At this time Theodore’s true feelings towards his middle class standing had come out. During adolescence in his theft of cars and luxury goods that gave him the upper-middle-class style he so desperately coveted (Leyton, 1986). Ted’s earlyyears of life were not easy, but at this point in time there is no clear reason why he ended up snapping and killing multiple women. In Ted Bundy’s college years, he started to be interested in a serious relationship with a woman. Not like the childish relationships he had had in the past. But he still couldn’t get around the fact that he was shy. He believed that his background was stultifyinglymiddle class and that he had nothing to offer the kind woman (Sears, 1991). It is safe, only hearing about Theodore Robert Bundy, to believe that he is one of the most successful serial murderers of American history. But with the lack of signs indicating that he would become this way, there were many aspects of his life that said the contrary. It was not easy to see what the future held for Ted he hadnone of the traits of a killer. In the book `` To kill again, Donald J. Sears states:`` He became active in the Republican party, particularly in the campaign to re-elect Governor Dan Evans, and eventually he held the position of precinct committeeman`` (p.3). He also states:`` In 1970 he was commended by the Seattle Police Department for running down a purse snatcher and returning the stolen bagto its owner. In addition, he rushed into Green Lake in Seattle’s North End and saved a three-and-one-half-year-old toddler from drowning. He also became a successful rape crisis counsellor at the Seattle Crisis Clinic`` (p.4). This all happened after his girlfriend, Stephanie Brooks, that he had met at the University of Washington, dumped him. If his actions are those of a serial killer well I...