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Texas is located right in the middle of the south of the United States in East of the Gulf of Mexico and it is a zone of flat transition IS the USA and mountain of the WEST
Houston islocated on the strip of land which curves the length of the golf of Mexico and Austin is in the hills in the center of the State.
If landscape is beautiful, we can’t say the same thing of the climate,because he is

very varied, the tropical climate is a little more extreme (one spends one winter who can bring snowstorms to a summer which brings approximately 43 degrees Celsius) and anarea or it has there only 2 seasons one hot and the other very hot.
The rain varies according to thousand five hundred and eighty three in is to two hundred and sixty three mm with ElPasco (in the WEST)
The temperatures can go from forty nine degrees to the maximum has -31 at least
Every year we can see snow falls.

Prejudices: As in films, as soonas one thinks of Texas, one inevitably sees the arid cow-boys decladding their old revolvers, deserts and of the wars between police officer and cow-boys.

Religion: In Texas, the freedom of theworships is respected; the state is separated from the churches, and helps any religions. We can find various religions: Protestants (evangelic thirty four % traditional fifteen % black church eight %)Catholic twenty-four % Orthodox tenth % Hindu Buddhist, Moslem and another religion two %
Now we going to talk to the leisure of the Texans.

Leisure: Houston Theatre District is certainly theprincipal attraction of Texas extending on seventeen blocks in the center from Houston is the 2nd . It counts thirteen thousand places for spectator of opera, ballets, music and theatre and attracts morethan two million spectators each Year. Houston has cultural institution of foreground like Houston Grand opera, Houston Ballet and Al Theatre. One can make there sins it of the excursion of the...
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