Leadership and culture

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“Welcome to the human Network”


I decided to speak about my last internship in an international company: Cisco Systems. Last year I was in London during three months in Cisco Systems. Cisco Systems is an American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, networking and communications technology and services. In my internship I was part of a financeteam composed of 6 members who comes from different nationalities. The first one was Juan-Pablo Brockman, he is Mexican and he was the manager of the team. Then there were Bhavani Girish, she is Indian and she was my manager. The rest of the team was composed of Andy Smith (English), Cem Oztoprak (Turkish), and Olga Syasina (Russian). Finally, Philippe Dumont (French) was directly in contact withthe team because he is the man who relies the finance information with the sales department.
Throughout this brief description we can see that the team is very diversified and it turned out to be a mix of culture which it was actually more interesting. The leadership is a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.We will try throughout this assignment to highlight the leadership and the culture that I learned in my own experience.
In this assignment, in a first part we will describe characteristics which allow the leader of the team Juan-Pablo to manage, and evaluate if his leadership is efficient, in a second part, we will see if his management can be adapted to a Swedish company, and then to finish in athird part I will give my point of view about his leadership.


Here you can see a schema which can help you to understand how the team is composed:

It was essential to describe a little bit the environment in which I worked before speaking about the cultural diversity in the management.

The leadership

Now, let's start speaking about the analysis of the differences of culture.The first thing that I noticed when I started my work is that following the culture people have different way to work and to manage. We can compare Bhavani (my manager) and Juan-Pablo (the manager of the team) who had very different way of managing. I noticed that Bhavani gave me a lot of responsibilities within the company whereas I was just an intern. All the time she asked me to think on myown, trying to find new ideas... She wanted me to be very independent and to bring my own ideas to the rest of the team. According to Yukl, (1999), Dvir, Eden, Avolio, & Shami (2002), Kark, Shamir, & Chen, (2003), this is a charismatic or transformational leadership which consist in giving a lot of responsibilities and being enough free to innovate and suggest new ideas. At the contrary, Juan-Pablohad a different way to manage. Indeed, his management was more based on giving clear instructions to followers about what their expectations are and when those expectations are fulfilled. According to Bass, (1985), Burns, (1978), House, (1977), Pawar & Eastman, (1997), Waldman, Ramirez, House, & Puranam, (2001), it's a leadership that we can call a transactional leadership which aim to maintainthe balance by rewarding efforts and commitments or punishing failures and mistakes. These two theories (transformational and transactional leadership) were very distinct with the management of Bhavani and Juan-Pablo and it was very interesting to have these two ways of managing to compare and to strike a balance between positive and negative aspects of each leadership. However, sometimes it turnedout to be a little bit difficult because these two managements are very different and I had to adapt myself in order to satisfy my two managers.

Another fact that I find very interesting to speak about is that people with different culture in an organization don't expect the same management. I mean for instance, Given that my culture (french) at the beginning I was a little bit lost because I...