Legalization of marijuana

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Thesis: Marijuana should be decriminalized in canada
Argument #1 : marijuana is not bad as people think it is
Argument #2: We can protect the smokers by decriminalize it.

Marijuana: The innocentaccused of being a killer plant

The prohibition of the cannabis in canada began from the Opium Act of 1908. Then-Deputy Minister of Labour, Mackenzie King, was asked to write a report due of thecomplaint and conflict in Vancouver. Some of the them came from the opium producer themselves who was complaining about a mob who attack them in chinatown. After talking with an Anti-Opium group,Mackenzie came to conclusion that opium must be banned because all the industrialized country was doing so. Phobia drugs moved in the country and in 1923, the marijuana joined the list of banned drugs. Atthat time, canadian didn't have internet and had to rely on media censored by the government which made propaganda to eradicate drugs from Canada. From now on, I think we must revise the lawsconcerning the marijuana criminalization. Marijuana is not bad as people think it is. Also, I think that to decriminalize the cannabis can help to clean up the drugs and to help the country to be a saferone.

First of all, on the internet, the information is no longer censored and we know that the cannabis is the most used illegal drug, and tobacco, along with alcohol, are the two legal drugsmost consumed. Drinking a beer is a banal act compare to smoke a joint. But why ? Is it more dangerous to smoke weed ? The Answer is no. When you are drunk, you experiment a loss of control and decreasedinhibition which can lead a person to act like a criminal like to be aggressive, commit murder, rape and more. The alcohol is a physical addiction which is difficult to over come. However, themarijuana leads to euphoria and a feeling of hapiness. It can only give you inspiration and increase of your senses. The marijuana is not an addiction. The only person who can have marijuana as addiction...