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I'm going to talk to you about the miniseries The Kennedys created by Jon Cassar.
It's an upcoming eight hours mini series retracing the lives of the Kennedyfamily. 
It was at first supposed to be shown on History channel in the U.S. and then other channels, each one of them declined the mini-series and its U.S. rightswere then purchased.

It is now for sure going to be shown on History Television in Canada in 2011.
The mini-series is starring Katie Holmes - Tom Cruz's wife -as Jacqueline Kennedy, Bary Pepper and Tom Wilkinson and Greg Kinnear as John Fidtzgerald Kennedy.

The movie shows an unflattering description of the titularfamily and contains non historical facts. That's mostly why a bunch of channels weren't okay with broadcasting it. 
Even Theodore Sorenson, former speech writer andcounceller for JFK described the script as a "character assassination". 
This one is inspired by the recent book of David Talbot about the famous family.

Thatmini-series was filmed in Toronto between June and September 2010 and so producted by a Canadian company.
The budget for The Kennedys was 30million dollars eventhough there's just 8 episodes of one hour each.

Apparently, these episodes would be scaring the U.S. dirigants and the History channel dirigants, because ofthe facts she is showing and the bad aspect of this family she is revealing. Plus it might crate some polemics aroung the exposed stories. These gossips, we don'tknow if they're true and that's the real problem ! To try to find out weather they're fake or true...

I'm now going to show you a trailer of this mini-series.