Intro] Brigitte Bardot Foundation was created in 1986 by Brigitte Bardot. She financed the foundation by an auction of her belongings.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation fight against animal suffering in all forms, in France and abroad. This foundation is involved in the reintegration of animal species in the wild and helps to create sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers for animals.

The foundation works in conjunction with two other global associations that are:
-Fur Free Alliance
-Global Anti-Whaling Campaign

And with a European association that is: Eurogroup for Animal

Their methods of struggle are: lobbying, investigations andlawsuits, animal shelters and advertising or awareness campaigns.

In a first time, we'll see why we chose that charity.
Then, we'll discuss about the major problems of the moment,and so, about implication of that foundation to fight them.
Finally, we will study 3 ways of spending money.

I] First, we chose this charity because it's a foundation very important through the whole world. It fights against cruelty to animals, in all forms.
It is not specific to only one species. It's very courageous because the problems are very many, at this level.
It tries to neglect no case, and that's why we're interested by this foundation.

Then, in his fight, itdoes not forget the significant help to people who have difficulties to properly care for their animals, with veterinary care available, and complete monitoring of the animal, so it stays healthy.
We find this action really well.

Also, BB foundation has established lots of structures, centers and spaces that allow animals, abused and suffering, to live in appropriate conditions. For us, the rehabilitation and reinsertion of animals is very important and sometimes forgotten by some charities.

Finally, it has an influence on the political level, with the establishment of laws, for example. Or, by educating people through campaigns, in order to allow [à continuer]

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