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Round 1
1 . State Name

2. Name of English-writing author

3. Name of fruit

4. Name of professional American sports team

5.Things that can be found in a kitchen

Round 2
1. Capital city in the United States

2. Name of English-speaking television program

3. Name of vegetable4. Name of an American fast-food chain or restaurant

5. Things can be found on a boat

Round 3
1. Name of American politician

2. Things that can be foundin a park

3. Typical American meals, snacks or desserts

4. Famous holidays in America or England

5. Types of trees

Round 4
1. Famous landmarks inAmerica

2. Names of sports

3. Things that can be found in a bathroom

4. Important historical events in America’s history

5. Characteristics of specificregions in America (ex. If the letter is R, you may say, Rainy- North Western region)

Round 5
1. Things can be found in a school

2. Colloquial (‘slang’)words – NO SWEAR WORDS PLEASE!

3. Big cities in America (not necessarily capitals)

4. Name of hobbies a person could have

5. Name of articles of clothingRound 6
1. Things that can be found in a bedroom

2. Terms relating to the legal system in America (ex. If the letter is J you could say Judge)

3. Titles ofEnglish-written books

4. Name of an English-speaking actor/actress/celebrity

5. Electrical appliances

Round 7
1. Names of important American historicalfigures

2. Titles of nursery rhymes

3. Things that can be found in a city

4. Titles of American newspapers or news journals

5. Ice cream flavors