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  • Publié le : 27 mars 2011
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Letter to the manager
of Holyoke mall

January, 25th 2011

Good morning Mr William J Rogalski,

I am Ludovic Hold, a studentfrom Holyoke high school and I would like to talk to you about the new rules for the teenagers. There was 1 week, you decided to forbiddenthe access of visitors under 18 on the Holyoke Mall Friday and Saturday. This rule was to remove the groups of loitering young people thatthey could intimidate adults.

I would like to express my disagreement. Even if i am just a teenagers, many reasons make me think youare wrong. Firstly, you said that teenagers are well-behaved, Holyoke is not a difficult district and you said too “sometimes ther isharassment or abusive language” but often teenargers don't have the same language like adults it's standard and it's the same situation ineach country !
On the other hand, the fact that you prevent the teenagers from entering in a Mall, it's a segregation you judge byappearances because we don't wear the same posh clothes as you and some students wear jogging pants or cap.However, I don't think it's fairand you have the typical bad stereotype of us.

To sum up, I think you should remove this policy of the crackdown and maybe find othersolution, But, it seems not to be a priority today

Thank you for you attention and I hope you take this letter into account.