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Creative writing p.61

27th July, 1867
To Newcastle, England
From New York, North America.

Dear Maisie,
I haven’t heard of you for a long time ! I miss you somuch. I hope you are in a good health and nothing bad happened to you.
In my case, I’m very well. I’ll tell you quickly what happened to me.
I managed to hide in the boatand to go to Ellis Island. Once there, the inspectors told me that my health tests was very good, but that I was too young to go to the United States alone. So, they put mein an orphanage. It was amazing, I have never seen that before ! The orphanage staff didn’t take care of the children, they were very sad. We didn’t eat all the days and wewere not allowed to take showers. Fortunately I didn’t stay there a long time. In fact, a family came to adopt me. I was very happy at this moment but very sad for others. TheMeyers (my adoptive family) are very nice. The parents called Nicholas and Denise, and their 2 children : Chelsea and Joseph. We have good times all five of us. I talk oftenof you, Mom and Dad.
Every day, I go to school, I learn a lot of things, and I’ve several friends !
With my adoptive family, we visit New York. If you were with me, you’dlove all the shops in New York, it’s beautiful at night when it is dark !
That I finished, I’d be very happy if you answer me. I’d like to know what you become, and ifMom and Dad are well. I’m sure that you grew up ! It was good your job in stables ? Have you won some money ? Where do you live now ? I’m worrying about you, you know. I’mthiking of you every day. I’m so sorry, I left you alone.
I dream that you came join me into the USA. See you soon.

Best regards,