Lettre motivation et cv en anglais

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  • Publié le : 22 mars 2011
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Application Letter

RE: Application for work experience summer 2011
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to you with regard to the possibility of working with you and beingpart of your team this summer. As a first‐year student at the ‘INSEEC Business School’ of Bordeaux in France, I am currently looking for work experience for the2011 summer. I would like to use this academic requirement to combine my interest in business and communication whilst improving my level of English.

Before starting mydegree at INSEEC, I completed two years of commercial studies at university in France, which allowed me to gain a solid and thorough background in business.Above all, I already had the opportunity to carry in an internship in Real Estate. Indeed, I really think that the most effective way to learn is through ‘hands-on’experience.

During my internships in “Immoflore”(Real Estate), I was very much involved in the commercial aspects of selling and managing advertising space. I had daily meetingsand negotiations with clients and reported back to all levels of management. From this experience I learnt the value of perseverance, hard work and the ability to meet tightdeadlines whilst still obtaining impressive results. Although challenging, this experience was essential for my understanding of business' issues and stakes, and to perceivethe importance of effective work and communication. So far, my studies and my work experiences have confirmed my passion for the business world, and I hope to continue mylearning into your company.

I am looking for a job lasting at least eight weeks. Despite an average English level, I am extremely motivated, hard-working,...