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  • Publié le : 30 mai 2010
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I would like to begin to thank the persons who are going to welcome me in their family during my sejour
My name is …I am … years old since … , I have …hairsclear with …eyes. I lived at my Parent's, in house with a brother and sister (older) as well as a cat and a rabbit, in the South of France. I have my customs here,and it is attractive. I like my family and my group of friends. I study to Jean Aicard's general high school to Hyeres one city in quoted of from my home, and Iam at present in high school would like after enter in a business school. always estimated(appreciated) the United States and, I always dreamed to travelthere. I am lucky to be able to go there very soon to be able to discover Boston and its neighborhood and be able to improve my skills in Englishman(English people).It is really brilliant, and I am very happy to leave.
I like the ski, the quad, this sporting kind. But I also like the shopping, go out, to travel, to takeadvantage of the life... I am a rather simple, friendly, social and ambitious girl and who shall help gladly in the family in its work at the house. I began thedance this year and play golf for two years. I shall be happy to have in my family of welcome(reception) of the young people of my age or smaller . I look forwardto know the culture of your country, to live with your rhythm. I want to learn and to see of matter also.
During these two weeks I hope to learn many matter onthe English and on the Americans, as your way of living, the American high school, know young people of my age, to know more about it on your culture.