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1) General presentation of my company :

My company it’s specialized in the business automobile premium. The slogan is: “in pursuit of perfection”.
It’s a branch of the multinationalautomaker group Toyota. The name of my company is Lexus which has just one activity consisting to marketing of luxury cars.
The location was based in USA that it’s to say Torrance in California.Behind the brand was created for the US market to concurrency the other manufacturers. Actually Lexus develop on the market European, Africa, Oceania and Asia. In France the location was based inVaucresson with 29 distributors.
Which has the reputation of the brand was the quality of its services, technological innovation and reliability.
It’s the leader of the motorization hybrid. Thisparticularity consists to combine two energies, the electric and essence that permit to make a contribution to the environment with fuel economy and lower CO² reject.

2) Its history:

In 1983 thepresident of Toyota, Eiji Toyoda held a secret meeting with the leader of the firm to make a strategy to develop a luxury car.
In 1985 the researchers conduct a market survey of premium car buyers.
In1989 it’s the start to the corporation. The first car was created: the LS400.
In 1990-1998 it’s the expansion to the brand with several cars: GS, SC, IS, RX.
In 2005: the first car with the hybridtechnologies was starting.

3) Its structure:
I work for a company under the name of Covema. This is a private company. We are a distributor of the Lexus and other brand in Reims (Mercedes-Benz,Smart, Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge and Toyota).

At the top of company, the chief executive M. Urano is the chairman and the shareholder of the Covema. It was created the companies in Reims,Charleville-Mezieres, Troyes, and St-Dizier. Is the responsibility of the Chief Executive M. Messmer which managing four directors form senior management of the company. From Reims, the managing Director is M....