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Lina’s franchise

Lina’s Sandwich is a French brand that has been able to develop its concept of sandwich selling in its different establishments throughout the world.
The company succeeded in bringing a real difference in the world of fast food because of his sandwiches with high price, high quality and high value.

My purpose is to launch a new Lina’s store in Switzerland !

I will startby explaining the company and the process of running it.
Secondly, I will explain how to export the project, give a quick analysis of the Swiss market and its connection with our futur brand identity.
Then the procedures and different details concerning the actual launching of the shop will be treated. Comments about finance and promotion will end this study.

Company Présentation

Created in 1989 by Lina Ghosn, Lina's Sandwiches entered the sandwich industry with a high positioning..
1994 was the year they first opened a franchise.Their Key Selling Proposition is to offer products where « qualité et fraîcheur »are superior. The name regroups 25 shops including 14 franchise at the end of 2001.
Bought in 2002 by Natexis Investment, Lina's Sandwiches then focused onreorganizing its activities and assets :
· Closing of non-profitable units,
· Renovation of the points of sale.
Beginning of 2008: the brand understands 58 stores: 9 Owned by Lina’s in in Paris and its suburbs, 13 franchises in Paris, 5 in other provinces, 4 in the old colonies and 27 abroad.
Opened to accept new franchisee, Lina’s knows the French territory is somehow a narrow market due to itshigh posistioning.

LINA'S identity card :
• Name of the franchisor : LINA'S DEVELOPPEMENT SA
• Total revenue: 17 200 000 €
• National revenue: 600 000 €
• CEO : Matthieu Körber
• Type of agreement: franchise (five year period)
• 40 days of training period
• Entry fee : 35 000 €
• Personal contribution : 150 000 €
• total Investment: 300 000 €

The concept

•ServiceLina's sandwich is positioned in the upscale market of fast food. The company provides special quality and freshness of its products. Outlets offer a wide variety of original sandwiches, which may even be prepared at the request of the customer. They are indeed able to customize their sandwiches in the way a certain Australian brand "Subway" does.

Products are prepared in the store in front ofthe customer in order to keep a good look on the client if they need any. This also allows all clients to have a constant eye on the product display
The company Lina’s did not simply opened stores, it also pioneered a catering service business:

- Lina's Business: delivery service for professionals

- Lina's Evènementiel: a service for evening cocktails.

* En chiffre
Sales ratio instore

You should know that Lina's represents:
• An average bill of 11,30 €
• An average ticket per restaurant per day of 250
• Giving an average number of vouchers per restaurant per month of 6500

• Lina's’ price range for its sandwiches: from 7.10 € to 4.20 €

• Food and beverage purchases: 4.0 million Euros
• Food Costs: 21%

The franchise
* Investment :

Averageinitial investment needed to launch a boutique LINA'S: 350 000 €
Charges, including advertising: 5% of sales

Initial contract term: 5 years
Net sales expected after 2 years: 600 000 €
Surface: 200 m² / Number of seats: 50 per store on average (20 to 100)
Number of employees in stores: 10
Un simple " état du marché" sur le marché local :
• Study requested at startup (sources Survey Date: May2009)
A simple " check up" of the local market.

Assistance to start:

- 1 Collaborator
- Help to find location
- Forecast confrontations

• Building the financial record

- 4 Financial Records
- Agreement with banks
- Assistance to the banker on demand

• Assistance to start

- 35 days of initial training
- Animation 1 person / 6 days.

Potential competitors...