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Devoir d’Anglais:

Nowadays, it is generally agreed that the English language is the mostly used around the world as the base for different fields such as lawand administration duties for instance.
However, it is also preponderant to mention that different cultures are present throughout the globe and it may therefore be inadequate to use a globallanguage.
I therefore fiercely believe that people express more than only words and meanings through the language, they also express their identities, their beliefs and the values they respect.The current Trend is towards “glocalisation” with more and more care regarding local dialects in order to avoid misunderstandings. Firms realized that they have to take into account regionallanguages especially when choosing brand names and mottos. As a result, before to be globally accepted an organization should fulfill regional needs and respect ethnic identity.
The plurality ofthe use of languages also urges people to learn and discover about different dialects and thus different cultural legacy. It urges people to be altruist and open their mind instead of commandingthe less powered even if it only concerns few people located in several regions.
In my opinion, governments should use a system of bilingualism in order to preserve its tradition and allowthemselves to set another strong language in the same time. We can observe this behavior through the textbook examples in Ireland and also in Belgium for instance. Indeed, we can see that Irish useEnglish and their own language together for road signals. Even if only few people left uses the regional dialect, the Irish government understood that the language is also a strong symbolical ofunity and distinction.
To put it in a nutshell, we can say that preserving a regional language is a way of not forgetting the history of one’s region in order not to lose their identity.