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Difference entre correspondence courses to traditional course in classroom
150 mots, paragraph 1, indicate what you can and what you could do.
Paragraph 2, indicate what you must do and what youhad to or didn’t have to
Paragraph 3, indicate what you should do

Le texte est bizarre, mais je tente d’y inserer tout les elements possible dont 5 mots qui sont
Difficult, to take a stand,understand, headache et advantages.

It’s not very difficult to take a stand to compare correspondence courses to traditional courses taught in a classroom. In correspondence courses, I can take timeto do homework. Right now, I’m working on the modals. You know, It’s my girlfriend’s opinion too. When I had traditional courses, I couldn’t take all the time I would have liked to take.

What mustI do in a correspondence course? I have to deliver my homework on time sure, but I have to manage my time because it’s mine. I must give my text, my homework or other things on a specific day. It’smy choice. In traditional courses, I didn’t have the liberty I have and I’m going to have with a correspondence course.

What should I do? It’s pretty simple. I have to choose the best for meto do that courses faster, with the advantage of time. Correspondence courses is faster to do than the traditional course. There is no headache for me. I should take correspondence courses nextmonth too, because it’s my first choice.

Prochain travail, écrire une question avec un modals
1) Could you give me some help about the modals?
2) What should I do to have the best result?3) May I give my homework next week?
4) When will you correct my homework ?
5) Would it be possible to have more time to do our homework?

Dernier travail à corriger
Three suggestionswith could, should and would.
She’s vegetarian and she has a lunch with a farmer who eat steak. 3 suggestions to her.

1)You could say your a little bit sick today. You cannot eat much.