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Becoming Jane
Sarah Williams and Kevin Wood
also there, but Tom arrives late. Mr Austen makes a speech about Henry’s return and Cassandra’s future visit to her brother Edward and his wife to help them when their child is born. Jane reads one of her stories of two young people who had to wait for their marriage. Obviouslyit’s about Cassandra and Robert. Tom thinks the story is childish, and this upsets Jane. Chapter 5: Tom sees Jane in the forest. Jane is still offended about Tom’s comment on her writing. Tom suggests she read his favourite book, The History of Tom Jones. Tom thinks Jane is an interesting young woman. Chapter 6: At Basingstoke Dance, Mr Wisley steps on Jane’s foot. Jane dances with Tom threetimes rather than only twice. Henry warns Jane about Tom’s reputation. Chapter 7: Jane meets up with Tom at a country fair. Mrs Austen doesn’t think Tom is a suitable husband for he will not be able to provide well for the family. Chapter 8: Mr Wisley finally has a chance to propose to Jane, but she tells him she can’t marry without love. Jane’s parents think love is desirable but money isindispensable. Lady Gresham also insists that Jane should accept the proposal at once. Jane learns that Tom’s feelings for her are also very strong. Chapter 9: Eliza conspires to visit Tom’s uncle in London: The Comtesse de Feuillide and ‘her cousins’ are visiting Jane’s brother, Edward, and planning to stop in London on the way there. In this way, Tom can introduce Jane to Judge Langlois in order to get hisblessing for their marriage. In London Jane starts to write a story, which later becomes Pride and Prejudice. Chapter 10: The Judge receives a letter saying that Jane is from a poor family. He doesn’t want them to marry. Jane insists that they can still marry, but Tom says he has a family to think about. Heartbroken, Jane leaves London. Chapter 11: Jane comes back home with her sister Cassandra.During the dinner at Lady Gresham’s, a messenger arrives with the news of Robert’s death. Jane learns that Tom is now engaged to a rich young lady from Ireland. Both girls are devastated. Jane accepts Mr Wisley’s proposal. Chapter 12: Tom comes to offer Jane an explanation. He asks her to elope with him, and she agrees. Chapter 13: After leaving Hampshire with Tom, Jane happens to learn that Tom’sparents, brothers and sisters depend on Tom’s allowance to survive. Jane ends her affair with him and comes back home.
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The story, set in 1795, is about young Jane Austen, the world-renowned English novelist, before she became well-known. It is loosely based on the few known facts about her life. She wishes to become a writer and dreams ofmarrying for love. Chapter 1: Jane Austen is twenty years old. She is living with her family at a rectory in a small country village in Hampshire. Mr Austen is a rector. Jane’s older sister Cassandra’s future husband Robert Fowle and Jane’s aristocratic widowed cousin Eliza de Feuillide are there as well. One Sunday, they visit their rich aristocratic neighbour Lady Gresham after church. Mrs Austenthinks Mr Wisley, Lady Gresham’s favourite nephew, is a prospective match for Jane. Chapter 2: Tom Lefroy is boxing at a men’s club in London. He meets up with Jane’s brother Henry Austen and his friend John Warren there. Both Henry and John are heading to Hampshire as Mr Austen is preparing positions in the Church for them. Tom is a law student in London and he depends financially on his uncle JudgeLanglois. Tom has a bad reputation, so Judge Langlois is sending him to his other relatives in Hampshire for the summer. Chapter 3: At the rectory, the girls are getting ready for the evening. Guests are invited as Henry is coming home. Cassandra is worried that Robert may forget about her because soon he will be going to West Indies. Mr Wisley pays a visit, and attempts to propose marriage to...