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the composition of the new gvt was revealed on Sunday evening, after long negociations between Nicolas sarkozy and the prime minister.
The impossible equation:
It is necessary to leavea place to the centrists, without forgetting the historic sarkozystes and the heavyweight of the UMP. He also wants to maintain women's significant number and maintain diversity.

The outgoing :* Jean-Louis Borloo announced his departure from government
* Eric Woerth is also given outgoing
* Bernard Kouchner
* The sarkozyste Christian Estrosi
* Hervé Morin
* TheMinister of Culture, Frederic Mitterrand affected by the controversy of his book is also on the list of outgoing
* Rama Yade and Fadela Amara, the ambassador of the diversity

Those who stay :
*Christine Lagarde keep the economy
* François Baroin should conserve the budget
* Bruno Le Maire had to stay in the agriculture, quite as Georges Tron in the public service.

Those whoreturn:
* Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe inherit the defense portfolio.
* Xavier Bertrand, a former minister of social affairs, find his old department.

Those who rise in rank:
* Oneof the main changes of this government is the Valérie Pécresse's arrival to the justice, instead of Michèle Alliot-Marie, which inherit Foreign Affairs
* Secretaries of State and NathalieKosciusko-Morizet Nadine Morano get a full ministry
* Luc Chatel recovers the minister of youth
* Eric Besson became the new minister of Economy, finance and industry
* Laurent Wauquezminister of foreign affairs and European
* Nadine Morano the new minister of labour, employement and health
New names at the government:
* Jeanette Bougrab, could make his entry into governmentas David Douille
Saviano is an Italian writer and journalist, he became famous because he describes precisely...