Lord of the flies - symbols

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+Lord of the Flies
English 11-IB M. Darren Manweiler 12.01.2010 Tom Chen

60 Symbols
English 11-IB

Symbols Beast Bigguns Boy’s Disappearance Bright Creatures Butterflies Castle rock Chants andDances Choirboys

Religion Snake in the Garden of Eden Clergy Going to Hell Reincarnation and Resurrection --Embodiment of Hell Pagan rituals Anti-Religious Group

Psychology Fear, SuperstitionCurrent Generation of Evil Loss of Identity --Harmony Wretchedness, Misery, Nightmare Loss of Intellect Organization

Boys on the island Imaginary Snake-like Creature Oldsters Littlun DisappearingSurround Simon’s Dead Body, Floating in the Sea Flying Butterflies Place of Jack’s Tribe Hunters’ Celebration The Hunters Evolution from Proper Attire to Loin-Cloths Civilized Authority Fighting overPiggy’s Glasses Night Time Beast from Air Savagery Tribal Markings Hope First Successful Catch The flies circling the decomposing sow head Nature Inception of savagery. Drifting further away

WarAnticipation of a War Government, Ruling Class Soldiers Vanishing Poppies Peace German Concentration Camps National Pride The Schutzstaffel From Young Soldiers, to Men fighting for their lives Peace,democracy Germany vs. U.S.A Action (Conflict) Perished Soldiers War Instigation National Symbol, Identity Destruction Causes of the War Deafening Sounds of War Battlefield Forgetting



Sane to Savage

Conch Shell Conflict between Ralph and Jack Darkness Dead Parachutist Destruction of the Conch Face Paint Fire First Pig Kill Flies Forest Forgotten phone number

Powerof Church Good vs. Evil Sciences Fallen Angel Destruction of Religious Books Beliefs Hell First Sin Devil’s Minions Garden of Eden ---

Law and Order Balance between Right and Wrong Ignorance, FearOutside Reality Anarchy, Complete Breakdown of Society Savagery Celebration Release of Inner Savage Erraticism Subconscious Loss of humanity,

innocence, background Fruits Hair Hunt for Ralph...