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Bluetooth Voice recorder music player Calendar Web Browse Java


Features Precautions Phone Layout Set & Link Basic Use Unpack Solving Problem

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BLUetooth • Transfer media files and personal data, and connect to other devices using wireless Bluetoothtechnology. MUSic PLayer • Play music files on your phone. You can use other phone functions while listening to music. FM radio • Listen to your favourite radio stations anytime, anywhere. WeB BroWSer • Access the wireless web to get up-to-the-minute information and a wide variety of media content. Java • Enjoy Java-based games and download new games. voice recorder • Control the quality and memorylocation of voice clips. caLendar • Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule
02 FEaTurES

03 PrECauTiONS

Failure to comply with the following precautions may be dangerous or illegal. drive SaFeLy at aLL tiMeS • Avoid using your phone while driving and obey all regulations that restrict the use of mobile phones while driving. Use hands-free accessories to increase yoursafety when possible. FoLLoW aLL SaFety WarningS and regULationS • Comply with any regulations that restrict the use of a mobile phone in a certain area. USe onLy SaMSUng-aPProved acceSSorieS • Using incompatible accessories may damage your phone or cause injury. tUrn oFF the Phone near MedicaL eqUiPMent • Your phone can interfere with medical equipment in hospitals or health care facilities.Follow all regulations, posted warnings, and directions from medical personnel. tUrn oFF the Phone or diSaBLe the WireLeSS FUnctionS When in an aircraFt • Your phone can cause interference with aircraft equipment. Follow all airline regulations and turn off your phone or switch to a mode that disables the wireless functions when directed by airline personnel. Protect BatterieS and chargerS FroM daMage• Avoid exposing batteries to very cold or very hot temperatures (below 0° C/32° F or above 45° C/ 113° F).

Features / Precautions _02

Extreme temperatures can reduce the charging capacity and life of your batteries. • Prevent batteries from contacting metal objects, as this can create a connection between the + and - terminals of your batteries and lead to temporary orpermanent battery damage. • Never use a damaged charger or battery. handLe yoUr Phone careFULLy and SenSiBLy • Do not allow your phone to get wet—liquids can cause serious damage. Do not handle your phone with wet hands. Water damage to your phone can void your manufacturer’s warranty. • Avoid using or storing your phone in dusty, dirty areas to prevent damage to moving parts. • Your phone is a complexelectronic device— protect it from impacts and rough handling to avoid serious damage. • Do not paint your phone, as paint can clog moving parts and prevent proper operation. • Avoid using the phone’s camera flash or light close to the eyes of children or animals. avoid interFerence With other eLectronic deviceS • Your phone emits radio frequency (RF) signals that may interfere with unshielded orimproperly shielded electronic equipment, such as pacemakers, hearing aids, medical devices, and other electronic devices in homes or vehicles. Consult the manufacturers of your electronic devices to solve any interference problems you experience.
03 PrECauTiONS

Phone Layout


internaL antenna StyLUS SLot and Pen caMera LenS


FLaShBULB MULtiFUnctionJack Battery cover

voLUMe key

caMera key hoLd key diaL key Back key PoWer/MenU exit key MoUthPiece

Precautions / Onderdelen van de telefoon _03

Set & Link
First steps to operating your phone inSert the SiM card. inSert the Battery.
04 SET & LiNK

rePLace the Battery cover.

PLUg the traveL adaPter into the Phone.

With the triangle facing up

Basic use
05 BaSiC uSE...