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Scissors: the result of years of study in r & d and an expertise

What is IT?

It consists of a pair of metal blades bind in the way the edgesslide against each other.

Scissors are used for cutting various materials such as paper, plastic, rope, food, hair, and paperboard.

There is a wide variety of Scissors forms dependingon its intended uses.

What its uses are?

Small scissors can be used by children for cutting paper for example, these are less sharp, and the tips of the blades are blunt forsafety.

Scissors that have the largest shears are used to cut metal and must have very strong sharp blades.
Specialized scissors, which often have one sharp point and one blunt pointare used for cutting cloth, and nail scissors, which have curved blades for cutting nails.
How it works?
This cutting instrument consisting of a pair of opposed metal blades that meetand cut when the handles at their ends are brought together.

Who was involved in its development?

Pivoted scissors are product by Roberto Scissorti, an Italian manufacturer. He isliving in London and he is proclaiming himself "fine scissor manufacturer”.

When it was developed?

In 1970, Roberto Scissorti introduced new methods to scissors manufacturing.Why the annoucenement is new?

The invention of scissors will revolutionize our dailylives. This cutting edge instrument will cut all materials you want without making any effort.You can choose between wide varieties of Scissors forms depending on its intended uses. You have just to put your fingers in its handles and give a little pressure to cut anything youwant.

In addition, scissors are easy to use, don’t oxidize and don’t rust. It is a great product with a good value for money and we think it will become soon, a requisite usual product.