Mai 1968

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Note of synthesis |
May 1968 events, the representation of one of the largest social and economical movement in the French history |
MAROTEL Caroline |
10/12/2010 ||


From January 1968, violent events occurring in France, they are none other than the premises of the strike the most important will meet on the French territory in the 20th century.In fact, from May to June, a lot of cultural, political and social revolts challenging imperialism, capitalism and the Gaullist broke into the 4 corners of the country. 
It is primarily a studentrevolt, coming first from Paris, which gradually gained in France and managed to link its cause to the workers although each category is not necessarily concerned with the same goals and demands andthen Nanterre is the home of this leftist agitation. Indeed, students are concerned by their problems which are the fact that universities are too crowded, and that it is complicated for the educationsystem to reform itself and to overcome its traditional model, and workers want the government to give them quickly satisfaction on key issues such as wage increases and paid holidays. It is a commonsocial revolution than in the past which led to a mobilization of workers and led to a political crisis. At this moment, nobody would have thought such a thing could happen while France was at theheight of the war boom called in French: “Les Trentes Glorieuses” (Third glorious)

During the Third glorious (1945-1975), a consumer society is created and there is the possibility for French peopleto access to different new equipments such as refrigerator, washing machine, car or television. The life began to be better for everyone and the purchasing power increases. At this time the country isbeing developed, constructing roads, buildings and factories.
 Entire population expected to live in a society better than the one in which she lives in the past. People are starting to settle in...