Main steps of european integration

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Main steps in the ( legal ) Integration of Europe

After the second world war, the idea of a peaceful Europe has been developped.
It´s the birth of a united Europe. It´s main goal was to guaranteepeace, improove the economic situations of the States and the political ones between the States.
On the 9 May 1950 The ‘Schuman Declaration’ (which proposed
that European integration could ensurepeace in Europe through the
implementation of the ‘Monnet method’) has been presented by the french foreign minister Robert Schumann.
One year later on the 18th april 1951 the treaty of Parisestablished the European Coal and Steel Community. ( duration for 50 years / ended in 2003 )
This community should should stop States for example to be able to built weapons all by themselves. ( France ,West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands).

On the 25 March 1957, The Rome Treaties(e.i.f. 1 Jan 1958) were signed by the same 6 „founding States. It created two main Communities
•European Economic Community (EEC)
Communauté économique européenne (CEE)
Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft (EWG)
• European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC)
Communauté européenne de l'énergieatomique (CEEA)

In 1965 the Merger Treaty had been signed in Brussels. It was a combining Treaty because it combined the executive bodies of the European Coal andSteel Community and European Atomic Energy Community and the European Economic Community into a single institutional structure. The german expression for this treaty „ fusionsvertrag“ underlines it´scombining character.
The signatories of this treaty are again the 6 founder States.

In the years after a lot of States joined the treaty, here i am going to list the new joining States and theimportant dates.

1973:First enlargement to include
Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom (9 Member States)
– 1979: First direct elections to the European Parliament
– 1981: Accession of
Greece (10...