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Executive Summary

This restaurant business plan is for “NAME OF OUR RESTAURANT”, a new medium-sized restaurant located in a trendy neighborhood of REIMS, CHAMPAGNE. “NAME OF OUR RESTAURANT”emphasis will be on organic and creative ethnic food. An emphasis on organic ingredients is based on “NAME OF OUR RESTAURANT”dedication to sustainable development. Additionally, the restaurant procureslocal foods when possible, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels used for transportation.

“NAME OF OUR RESTAURANT”offers REIMS a trendy, fun place to have great food in a socialenvironment. Chef Geraldo LEUSHIRENO has a large repertoire of ethnic ingredients and recipes. “NAME OF OUR RESTAURANT” forecasts that the majority of purchases will be from the chef's recommendations. Ethnicrecipes will be used to provide the customers with a diverse, unusual menu. Chef GERALDO will also be emphasizing healthy dishes, recognizing the trend within the restaurant industry for the demandfor healthy cuisine.

“NAME OF OUR RESTAURANT” believes that the market can be segmented into four distinct groups that it aims to target. The first group is the lonely rich which number400,000 people. The second group that will be targeted is young happy customers which are growing at an annual rate of 8% with 150,000 potential customers. The third group is rich hippies who naturallydesire organic foods as well as ethnic cuisine. The last group which is particularly interested in the menu's healthy offerings is dieting women which number 350,000 in the REIMS area.

Management“NAME OF OUR RESTAURANT” has assembled a strong management team. Isabelle will be the general manager. Outmane has extensive management experience of organizations ranging from six to 45 people. JohnFlap will be responsible for all of the finance and accounting functions. John has seven years experience as an Arthur Andersen CPA. John’s financial control skills will be invaluable in keeping...