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My trip to Center Parcs

Today I will talk a few lines about my trip to Center Parcs. I will start by saying what Center Parcs is:
Center Parcs is a European network of holidays villages. Thereare now 26 resorts in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and in United Kingdom. Take care of the environment or preserve the nature, restoring and enriching it, are the principal activitiesof the group.

Now I will talk about my trip:
I'm gone in a Center Parcs called « les trois forêts ». It's a new Parcs because it offen in May 2010. « les trois forêts » is the fourth CenterParcs in France. It is located in the department of Moselle-Lorraine who is two hundred and eighty kilometers from Delemont. It take us three hours and a half. It's quite near!
When my family and Iarrived in « les trois forêts », we couldn't take our car. Only to bring our luggage to our villa. There, we leave in a little villa or bungalows who's called « cottage ». (IMAGE) There are ninehundred and ninety-nine cottages at all in the parc.
Different activities can be done like:
archery, Aventure Parc, bowling, football, paintball, billard, badminton, paddle-boats. There are too afarm with a lot of animals, a SPA and a Segway (IMAGE). This is a mode of transport used by the police in Miami for example. To drive the segway, we must lean forwards and vice versa if you want togo backwards.
There is too a big pool called Aqua Mundo. This activity is free because the price is included in the price of the cottage. The other activities must be paid separetely.

To takecare of the environment, a few electric vehicles like a small car, a bike and a moped can be rented! My brother and I took a toy scooter from our house ( in Delemont) but we also rent an electriccar for the mid-day. I was the only, in the parc, to have rented a moped because it was too cold. But it was great!

In conclusion, I recommend you Center Parcs to spend wonderful holidays.