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ucbSeminar 1
An independent tour operator is developing a holiday experience aimed at a discerning clientele who wish to enjoy the attractions of the island Mallorca, staying in a quieter part ofthe island. A 4-star accommodation is the price guide and expected standards. Clients are prepared to pay extra for an ‘environmentally’ conscious initiatives; they are mobile and in a position toundertake their own independent exploration of the island.

This particular client is interested in visiting the quieter parts of the island and so entertainment is not essential.
As they arediscerning clients they have higher expectations of the holiday and so quality is a key point to consider.
When ensuring the process is fast the tour operator needs to ensue they are not compromising thequality of their holiday for speed. The clients would prefer a well organised trip and not waste any time than having to waste time redoing jobs that were rushed.
The clienteles want a 4 star hotelwhich is environmentally friendly which shows their price range may be higher than the average as they are willing to pay more for its environmentally friendly features.
Mission statement: “Tostrengthen our position as the number one e-commerce lifestyle player by delighting our customers with great-value inspiration and solutions”.

As the couple are mobile and independent theyare able to enjoy their holiday more efficiently as they can do several activities in one day. This makes the couple flexible whilst visiting the quieter parts of Mallorca and then other unseen areas.For the couple to be flexible it means they can easily adjust to change.
The tour operators will also need to be very flexible as they will need to adapt to the customers needs and introducing newelements into the business without disrupting the process or operation. The tour operators will also need to be open with accepting new ideas and following new trends in order to gain the maximum...