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Welcome to Reason Pianos
This document describes the content on the DVD and provides some information to help you get started.

Table of Contents
5.DVD Content
6.Why Two ReFills?
7.How toInstall
8.Compatibility and Other Outstanding Issues
9.About the Manual

1. DVD Content
The DVD contains the following files and folders:

License text file. This is the End UserLicense Agreement, describing how you may and may not use the ReFill. Please read this document carefully!

Reason Pianos ReFills. There are two ReFills on the DVD - they are the same except that one has24 bit samples and the other has 16 bit samples. More about this later in this document!

RPi Documentation folder. Contains the User Manual for the Reason Pianos.

Other Propellerhead Products.This folder contains info on additional Propellerhead Software products and a demo version of ReCycle 2.1.

Acrobat Reader installer.

 RPi Demo Songs (rps). Reason songs in rps format showingoff the potential of Reason Pianos.

 RPi ReWire Demo Project. Contains a demo song for a number of ReWire hosts with the piano coming from Reason to be ReWired into the host. See the included ReadMefile for more information.

 ReWire Installer. The ReWire protocol is used for communicaton between two ReWire compatible Audio/Midi applications such as Reason and for example Logic or Cubase.The ReWire 1.7 update brings dramatically improved sample loading times in ReWire mode, among other things.

ReadMe - this file!

2. Why Two ReFills?
The two ReFills are exactly the same and aretotally exchangeable. One contains 16 bit samples and the other 24 bit samples. That is the ONLY difference. The names of the samples are the same, so a song created with the 16 bit version will openfine with the 24 bit version installed or vice versa.
The purpose for a 16 bit version is that the patches become lighter and faster to load and the CPU doesn’t have to work as hard. The ReFill...
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