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  • Publié le : 20 septembre 2010
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|Optimizing Wartime Materiel Delivery: An Overview of DoD containerization. Volume 1. Past Efforts and Current Issues. Revision |
|Authors: Donna H. Woodman; Joseph Coughlin; I. M. Wolfe;TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS CENTER CAMBRIDGE MA |
| |
|Abstract: This report presents the findings of a study conducted by the Transportation System Center (TSC), Research and Special |
|Programs Administration, U.S.Department of Transportation (DOT), on containerization in the wartime Department of Defense logistics |
|system. The broad goal of this study is to support the optimal delivery of materiel duringdeployment and sustainment in a |
|container-dominated environment. The target is achieving the best, not necessarily the maximum, use of containers. The study team |
|conducteda detailed assessment of containerization efforts, programs and capabilities in several areas. These areas included operating|
|concepts, doctrine and policies, management, hardware issues, totalsystem assessments, requirements estimates, specialized container |
|programs, and commercial trends. The time frame for the assessment was 1970 through 1988. The study team used a combination of|
|interviews and literature review to identify issues and determine the extent to which they have been resolved/considered by DOD |
|elements. This included the review of severalhundred reports and studies, and the conduct of interviews with representatives of |
|numerous organizations in DOD, DOT and industry. After intergrating the findings of the research into ameaningful picture of |
|unresolved issues, a recommended framework for action was developed. |