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1. Fliers to attract locals. While tourists crowd Florence most of the year, Mohamed needs to market to locals if he wants any business November through February. For this he distributes a differentflier in Italian designed to attract those who work in central Florence during the day. He clearly defines his two major target groups and designs marketing efforts to reach both groups effectively.Does your site attract more than one type of people? Have you developed profiles to describe the different groups that come to your site? Do you market generally, or do you target your marketing tothe precise groups you are seeking to reach?
2. Referral Fees. Mohamed has developed promotional deals with hotels and travel agencies that offer 5% commission on all the business they send him.This directly corresponds to affiliate marketing with complementary sites on the Internet. With what kinds of other Internet companies can you work referral deals? Having a working affiliate programenables you to compensate your partners.
3. Guidebooks. Caffé Caruso is just a year old. I asked Mohamed about getting listed in tourist guides. He said that was expensive, but he is considering it fornext year. I found that some of the best guidebooks don't charge anything for a listing, but reflect the editor's preferences. Mohamed could develop a campaign to have selected satisfied dinerscontact the guidebook publisher to suggest that his restaurant be included in the next edition. Guidebook listings correspond to directory listings on the Internet. Some are free, some charge. If you can belisted, for example, in Yahoo! Directory, it will bring a lot of traffic. Is it worth $250 per year for the listing? I think so.
Fliers to attract tourists. Mohamed employs a person during thetourist season to pass out fliers in the nearby piazza (city square). These are in English, what Mohamed calls the "international language" that nearly all tourists in Florence understand. The fliers...