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Zumo – The Energy drink

Zumospa is a Spanish company, based in Valencia. It products food and drinks, and more precisely Zumo, a sport drink. Zumo represents 30 million euros, so 30% of Zumospa’s turnover. Zumo is a Spain product, and the company wants to promove it in Europe, to develop the market. Zumo is an energy drink, which contains caffeine, vitamins and glucose. The target of itsproduct is fitness-conscious people, especially sportsmen and women between 20 and 45 years. We are marketing experts so we will try to do our best to realize a global expertise with advantages and disavantages of Zumo.
1)As Zumo is a Spanish name, we need another name. This name must be euphonic, easy to pronounce and memorize. We chose the name “boost shark”. Indeed, many energydrinks already exist, such as Red Bull, Dark dog. As our drink is similar to the others, we used the same means of finding a name. Boost shark is composed of boost, which corresponds to the properties of drink, i.e. energizing and supposed to give again energy. The shark is an living animal, dynamics, energetic and aggressive. It also corresponds by its force to the image that we want to giveabout our drink. It will be necessary to record the name of our product to OMPI (Worldwide organization Intellectual property) in order to protect it.
2) An energizing drink is a drink which gives a renewal of energy to the consumer, not to confuse with an energy drink dedicated to the the hydration of the sportsmen. In most case, an energizing drink contains a concentration rather high ofcafeine and sugar then, according to the specific receipt of each product, of the extracts of plants like the guarana or the ginseng and various molecules like the bull-fighting one, of the vitamins B, the arginine, creatin, etc… On a world level, it’s the drink « Red Bull » the Austrian who dominates the market with more than 70% of market share .
The target in Spain is the people between 20and 45 years, who are sportsmen and who take care of their bodies. Concerning the market segment aimed in all Europe, we think that it is interesting to keep the same segment, since it is a strong success in Spain. Moreover, there are many people who answer these criteria so there is no reason that it is a failure in the other countries of the European Union. However, in order to develop the companyin the other countries, we proposed two other versions, which keep for as much the main aim of Zumo, namely a drink intended initially for the sportsmen. One of the others target that we wish to touch are the teenagers, from 15 to 20 years. With the presence of the brand : Red Bull on the market, the energizing drinks should probably explode near the young public, the vast majority of theconsumers of this kind of beverage having less than 35 years. Remain that the ingredients present in these drinks, without being dangerous, encourage with a certain moderation and to avoid the too experimental mixtures. Indeed, at this age, the impact of the media is very important. The young people are identified with personalities and admire the sportsmen. By creating a partnership with sportsmen,the drink can acquire a strong notoriety, which will touch the young teenagers but also the most important segment, i.e. those from 20 to 45 years. Moreover, we can consider that if the drink is appreciated and involves an effect of mode in the young people, it could even be used in the preparation of cocktail, which would involve one more a large number of sale, as it is currently the case withRedbull Vodka. We want to develop also a diet drink, intended in first for the women of all ages, sporting, who take care of their bodies and which also need energy to be able to follow their rhythm of life often very hard, between work, the house and the children.
For the choice of drink? It is obviously a question of taste but more especially image. In the facts, all these energizing drinks...
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