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Unit 3: Marketing travel and tourism (LEVEL 3)
Learning outcomes
By completing this unit candidates will develop knowledge and understanding of theories and practice of marketing within the travel and tourism industry. Candidates will examine the importance of marketing. They will develop an understanding of market segmentation, marketing research methods and the marketing mix. Candidates willproduce evidence to meet the unit assessment objectives in order to show that they understand: • • • • • the importance of marketing to travel and tourism organisations how to produce a swot and pest analysis for a travel and tourism organisation the market segments targeted by travel and tourism organisations marketing research methods used in travel and tourism the marketing mix in relation totravel and tourism. Knowledge, understanding and skills Importance of marketing: • increased sales and profitability • improved image (organisation or product) • competitive advantage • customer satisfaction (meeting changing needs and expectations) • changing attitudes to products/services • planning SWOT: • strengths • weaknesses • opportunities • threats PEST: • political • economic • social •technological factors affecting company operations Methods of segmentation: • demographic, eg age, family lifecycle • socio-economic, eg income, occupation, education • geographic, eg location, ACORN – a classification of residential neighbourhoods • psychographic, eg lifestyle, behaviour, personality

Assessment objectives 1 Explain why marketing is important to one travel and tourismorganisation

2 Produce a SWOT and a PEST analysis for one travel and tourism organisation

3 Identify and describe the market segments targeted by one travel and tourism organisation

OCR Level 3 Nationals in Travel and Tourism


Unit 3 – Marketing travel and tourism

Assessment objectives 4 Explain marketing research methods that one travel and tourism organisation uses 5 Explain themarketing mix in relation to one travel and tourism organisation

Knowledge, understanding and skills • • • secondary research, eg using existing internal and external data primary research, eg questionnaires, surveys, observation, focus groups quantitative and qualitative data

Product mix: • product features • product lifecycle • branding Price mix: • market skimming • market penetration •competitive pricing • promotional pricing • discounts Place mix: • channels of distribution, eg travel agencies, direct sell, internet, Tourist Information Centres Promotion mix: • advertising • public relations • sales promotion • direct marketing • personal selling

This unit is centre assessed and externally moderated. In order to achieve this unit candidates must produce a portfolio ofevidence showing that they have met all of the assessment objectives. Portfolios of work must be produced independently. They will need to be made available, together with witness statements and any other supporting documentation, to the OCR Visiting Moderator when required. Centres must confirm to OCR that the evidence produced by candidates is authentic. An OCR Centre Authentication Form isprovided in the Centre Handbook and includes a declaration for assessors to sign. It is a requirement of the QCA Common Criteria for all Qualifications that proof of authentication is received. An OCR Model Assignment is available for this unit and can be downloaded from our website and can also be found in the Model Assignments folder on this CD Rom.

Guidance on assessment andevidence requirements
This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of marketing principles and practice relevant to travel and tourism. Tutors should underpin theoretical sessions with visits to travel and tourism facilities and organisations to provide examples of how marketing is used by organisations. This unit has links with Unit 4: Customer service and selling skills in travel and...