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Issue 2


F o r m e r l y p r o d u c t m a r k e t i n g. c o m
The Art of Panels Online Thought Leadership
Transform Your Company Into a Trusted Resource for Your Buyers

Are You Decent?
The Naked Truth About Product Management Performance

Software Development’s Evolution Toward Product Design

Communicating Strategy and Vision for Your ProductPlanning Resource alignment Building the roadmap Communicating internally and externally Tracking progress
PRAGMATIC ROADMAPPING™ is a one-day, facilitated session offering techniques for planning, consolidating and communicating product strategy information to different audiences. Using practical, real-world examples and best-practice techniques, attendees will enjoy a fast-paced, content-richcurriculum combined with practical hands-on application.

Course designed for
Members of the product management, marketing and development teams tasked with planning product direction and communicating product strategy. Attendees should have some experience or knowledge of their product lifecycle.


inar ! Sem

Align your Product Strategy with the Market

™Visit or call (800) 816-7861 to register
The Industry Standard in Technology Product Management and Marketing Education

The Pragmatic Marketer™
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Pragmatic Marketing Announces Launch of Consulting Services Team
A growing demand for faster, market-driven success at technology companies drove the expansion of Pragmatic Marketing’s service offerings. The creation of the Pragmatic Marketing Consulting Services team, led by industry veteran Jim Foxworthy, provides technology companies...