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Marks and Spencer is one of the major retailer in UK.
This is a british chain of stores founded by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in 1884 in Leeds.
Most of stores sell bothclothing and food, but M&S has also started expanding into homewares and technology.
It is currently the best and favourite women lingerie retailer in the UK.

The store used to be a «penny bazaar » retailer. M&S was considered as the largest retailer in the uk.
Nowadays , it owns more than 600 stores everywhere in the UK and even exports its products worldwide.
Thecompany faced many crisis, and had to close 38 stores in Europe, 18 of them were in France.
In 2006, the marketing campaign: “Look Behind” was introduced

The target of this campaignwas to promote the respect for environment in the production line, for example:
fair trade, sustainable fishing and the use of eco-friendly textile.
All coffee and tea sold in the M&Sstores is now fair-trade. In addition, the company offers clothing line made from
fair-trade cotton in selected departments.

At Christmas the company introduces a range of foodproducts to support the housing charity predominantly in the food
to go range including a range of seasonal Christmas sandwiches.
To dramatically increase the environmental sustainabilityof the business within 5 years, the targets of M&S are:
-Become carbon neutral
-Send no waste to landfill
-Extend sustainable sourcing
-Help improve the lives of people intheir supply chain
-Help customers and employees live a healthier life-style

M&S has sold a wide range of charitable women’s clothes for Breakthrough Breast Cancer for many years andthe
Ashbourne store collected a total of £2000 for a local Derbyshire hospital’s new ECG machine in 2010.
From time to time other charities are also represented at individual stores.