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What are the do’s and taboos for doing business or working in a specific country: ethics and etiquette?

You are required to choose a country, in the area that has been attributed to your team (here under). You have to share the work between the different members of your group, so that, in the meantime, you can prepare individually for a small presentation during session 9 (15 min per group)and answer the questions here under.

At the beginning of session 9, I will grant you 30 minutes for you to gather information and prepare a common oral presentation of your work. You can use any kind of material you like, pictures, films, or even role games in order to present “do’s and don’ts” in the country of your choice (in the area that as been attributed to you):

Morocco is a countrylocated in the western north of Africa and fact left the Maghreb. Its political capital is Rabat whereas its economic capital is Casablanca. In this work we go studied this country.

1. Describe the main specificities of doing business and negotiating in the chosen country (customs, practices, perception of gestures, politeness…)

Moroccans prefer to do business with those they know andrespect, therefore expect to spend time cultivating a personal relationship before business is conducted.
. Who you know is more important than what you know, so it is important to network and cultivate a number of contacts who may then assist you in working your way through the serpentine bureaucracy. Sometimes when you wants to make business or negociate, we have to expect us to be served mint tea, asthis demonstrates hospitality ; and it’s important to accept their kindness. Moroccan business practices have been greatly influenced by the French and emphasize courtesy and a degree of formality. Since Moroccans judge people on appearances, dress and present yourself well.

They may agree in meetings rather than cause you to lose face. We hate to expect a fair amount of haggling. Try to rucha process during a negociation can be interpreted as an insult. Sometimes you have to take several visits to accomplish simple tasks, and is not a good idea to use high-pressure tactics as they will work against you.
2. Give instructions to a French person going to this country.

The market in those day :
The market of the distribution in Morocco developed since the Nineties in a fast way;it accounted for 12.9% of the « PIB » in 2004. Large distribution, general practitioner and specialized, developed only recently in the towns of Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech and in some other big cities, and they account for currently about 10% of the sales. These groups market primarily local products (from 70 to 80% of the products).

Instructions to a french person going to Morocco :
Sofirst, it’s essential that he respect the habits of marocan like take tea, don’t crush a negociation … on the level of the market, one notices that of large surfaces is recent thus it is interressant to invest in a market which will grow. It would be an good idea to import products different since large surfaces sells only from the products Morrocan. For example to import European or American products.It should not be forgotten that the small markets (the « souk » for example) dominate in Morocco it is thus essential to work with them of porposant for example cosmetic to them at low prices, which are very required in Morocco.

3. Which adaptations will be difficult for a French person?

The following list we see the ways in which a French person would have to adapt if it decides to go tomorocco:

In general, Moroccans speak their own dialect Arabic, which can vary significantly depending on the region where they are. In Morocco they often speak Spanish and French. In the south of the country, French is the most common. Meanwhile in the northern most Spanish-speaking and French. The Moroccans working in the services sector also have some knowledge of English. In local...
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